Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Winning Photos From The 2017 Nikon Small World Contest.

Those of you suffering from trypophobia beware of this hole-y photo!

Even if you don't have an irrational fear of holes, this photo that came in 6th place will likely cause your eyes to water and your nose to run. But that's because this is a Lily pollen taken by Dr. David A. Johnston.

It looks like a bouquet of fruity pebbles or some awesome street art.

This was taken by Dr. Ryo Egawa and won 7th place. Those colors are actually individually labeled axons in the embryonic chick ciliary ganglion located just behind the eye in the posterior orbit.

Has Dr. Michael Perny taken a photo of one of his random screensaver images?

Actually, this is a newborn rat's cochlea, which the auditory portion of the inner ear, complete with sensory hair cells, which appear as green. The red portions are the spiral ganglion neurons. This photo was too cool to be 8th place.

Christmas time is finally here with this image which came in 9th place.

The photo taken by Catarina Moura, Dr. Sumseet Mahajan, Dr. Richard Oreffo and Dr. Rahul Tare is not a painting or perfectly arranged ornaments. It's actually cartilage tissue grown in a lab using bone stem cells. The red are fat deposits, while the green are collagen fibers. Ho, ho, ho!

This 10th place photo taken by Dr. Csaba Pinter is the embodiment of true weevil!

These two are actually called Phyllobius roboretanus, also known as weevils, or in simpler terms, a form of beetles, who aren't shy about someone watching them doing the nasty.

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