Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Winning Photos From The 2017 Nikon Small World Contest.

Not every photo in the microscopic contest involves all things organic.

This photo, taken by Steven Simon, won 11th place. But how he did this was simpler than you think. It was taken by fracturing the plastic on the hologram of a credit card. How outrageous!

If you weren't arachnophobic before you certainly will be with this 12th place winning photo.

Taken by Charles B. Krebs, this is the photo of one of an Opiliones' eyes. Not sure what an Opiliones is? Recognize the spider species known as a daddy longlegs? Now you get to see one eye to eye.

The orchid cuckoo bee looks ten times more breathtaking under a microscope!

Rarely, do we get a close up look at something this beautiful. It's like the wings of the Exaerete frontalix were made of gold and the body was made of emeralds. This photo is part of a collection from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and was taken by Levon Biss, who won 13th place.

It might seem like a tropical fruit on an exotic island but you might want to hold off eating one.

These are actually common Mestra butterfly eggs, which were laid on a leap of Noseburn plant. The photo was taken by David Millard and won 14th place. Suddenly, we've lost our appetite.

There aren't too many of us that get a glimpse into what a 3rd trimester fetus looks like.

Dr. Rick Adams took a photo of this megachiroptera, aka fruit bat, that will make you go batty. The 15th place photo gives us an unusually beautiful insight into what a bat's insides look like before its born.

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