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The Baby From Nirvana’s Classic Album Cover Recreates Shot 25 Years Later.

You probably don't know who Spencer Elden is but you are for sure familiar with him. 25 years ago he was the famous baby on the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind album that was the answer to sugarcoated pop music detractors everywhere. John Chappie was the photographer that shot that iconic picture, and together with Spencer, they recreated the cover with a now more-mature, long-haired grown up, and less naked baby.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Spencer might not be a teen, but he's pretty much feeling Kurt Cobain's spirit on a shot that recreates the original cover to a T. Well, almost. He wore shorts that covered some areas that would've probably been banned on social media, but would've definitely nailed the shot to perfection.

Come As You Are

Spencer tried to recreate the shot in a more faithful manner by suggesting they'd do it naked, but John Chappie considered it'd be a tad weird and would make for one awkward shot.

Something In The Way

The briefs ended up being what was in the way of the shot making fans scream with joy. Instead, people called it out for it, suggesting those swim shorts should've definitely come off. It's 2016 people! No one's going to be shocked at some nudity!

Something In The Way

DGC Records / John Chapple

In Bloom

This wasn't Spencer's first attempt at recreating the infamous cover. He posed in a similar manner back in 2008 when he reeked of teen spirit at the age of 17.


The cover for Nirvana's Nevermind album came to fruition after Kurt Cobain was mesmerized by a documentary on underwater births. In a 1992 interview, Geffen Records art director Robert Fisher said that showing off such a graphic shot would've been too risque so they went with the swimming baby instead. Right choice, indeed!

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Source: EW

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