By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Alternative Halloween Treats That Don’t Suck, #9 Is Actually Really Clever.

Candies and chocolates are synonymous with Halloween. Not every parent, however, is thrilled at the thought of children coming home with pounds of sugar in a bag, all neatly wrapped in brightly colored wrappers. When we were growing up, we always avoided the non-sweet homes, the ones that gave out apples and toothbrushes.

Thankfully, there are some very cool, non-candy treats you can hand out without the worry that the trick-or-treaters will label you place as the fun-free zone. We guarantee none of these goodies will send the family to the dentist’s office. #8. is a genius idea!

#1. Use old shoelaces for these fun, spider lacing cards.

#2. Lego stores have a brick wall where you can buy pieces separately. Choose orange or black pieces and make a loot bag to hand out.

#3. Make a Jack-O-lantern puzzle with popsicle sticks. Color the sticks orange and draw out the smiley pumpkin. You can make different puzzle designs like a ghost, witch, or cauldron.

#4. Wrap bracelets glow sticks with black felt fabric. Tie it with baker's twine and attach a ghoulish message for the witch's broom.

#5. Buy a bag of play-doh from the dollar store. Apply washi tape with the season's theme. Put a halloween sticker on the lid.

#6. Take delicious mandarins and with a black felt decorate Jack-o-Lanterns.

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