By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

She Gave Herself An Awesome Hairdo… And She Didn’t Cut A Single Hair.

Elanna Pecherlea, a Canada-based beauty YouTuber known as 'Ellepearls', shows viewers how to create a ‘Great Gatsby Faux Do' using a curling iron and finger wave technique. The great thing about this tutorial is that women with longer locks can try out short hair for a day.

This glamorous bob is symbolic of the 1920s – a decade criticized by many, most famously in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, for its growing materialism and corruption. However, it also saw many breakthroughs for women’s history.

Women who typically sported this hairstyle also held steady jobs, frequented social events in town, and listened to jazz against cultural norms; they were unmistakably recognized as flappers. Though many of them engaged in casual sex and smoking, not all did. The main thing that banded them together was their disregard for Victorian values – values that could not always help them understand or respond to the disillusionment of war.

Though it was considered casual and flamboyant at the height of its popularity, this bob is now considered a classic and elegant look. Isn't it interesting how the times have changed?

Here's a history of hairstyles and makeup in a one minute video.

Source: elanna pecherle