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27 Celebrities Who NEVER Eat Meat.

The idea of giving up meat seems like an impossible task. Most people have a difficult time imagining a diet where lettuce, carrots, and apples become the daily standard. In reality, choosing a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is a lot easier to follow nowadays.

Grocery stores and restaurants are beginning to cater to this growing population. To celebrate National Vegetarian Week which runs from May 18th-24th, 2016 we have compiled a list of celebrities who say no to eating animals. They all have their personal beliefs for following this healthy lifestyle. They all look strong and happy.

#1. Ellen DeGeneres

The comedian along with her wife Portia di Rossi have been vegan for several years. The star found that he more she learned about the treatment of animals the harder it became to ignore going vegan. “I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on factory farming and cruelty to animals, and I suddenly realized that what was on my plate were living things, with feelings. And I just couldn’t disconnect myself from it any longer," explains DeGeneres.

#2. Serena and Venus Williams

When Venus Williams was diagnosed with Sjogren syndrome, a chronic autoimmune disease, she was forced to leave her successful tennis career. She switched to a vegan diet with her sister Serena following suit. The two continue to dominate in their sport. "I think it’s a great lifestyle for long-term stability. You also have to look at everything else in your regimen, what you’re putting into your body, like supplements. I’m always learning and I’m hoping to perfect my system," explains Venus.

Serena and Venus Williams

Paul Gilham

#3. Natalie Portman

The Oscar winner was a vegetarian during her preteen years. In 2009 she became vegan but reverted back to vegetarian during her pregnancy in 2011. Portman went back to eating vegan shortly after her son's birth. The Israeli-born actress says, "eating for me is how you proclaim your beliefs three times a day. That is why all religions have rules about eating. Three times a day, I remind myself that I value life and do not want to cause pain to or kill other living beings. That is why I eat the way I do.”

#4. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein turned vegan near the end of his life. Although, he did admit to always eating meat with a "guilty conscience." The scientist said "nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

Albert Einstein

#5. Denzel Washington

Oscar winner Denzel Washington tried going vegan in 2013 to lose weight. "Last summer I went on a vegan diet just to try it and it was actually quite healthy. I was a good weight," explains Washington.

Denzel Washington

Brad Barket

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