By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Students Covered Up Mirrors With Powerful Messages, What They Said Hit Me Really Hard.

A group of senior girls wanted to pass along a little bit of wisdom. The students at Trinity Academy in Wichita, Kansas, have covered the women's bathroom mirror with paper.

They have written messages on it, encouraging their schoolmates to focus less on their physical appearance and pay more attention to their inner beauty. This is a new approach in addressing body image and self-esteem.

Some of the notes written were taken from Bible passages while others were quirky but to the point, such as, “people are like Oreos…the good stuff is on the inside.”

Although the paper covering is temporary, the goal is that the freshman and sophomore students will take the advice.

So far, the response from the younger pupils has been very positive.

Senior student Jordan Melugin, said, “I really hope that people will see this and see that there are girls out there who are encouraging other girls to just be who they are.”

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Source: Trinity Academy