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15 Kids Who Really Don't Care What Other People Think.

When children are born, they're innocent and pure. Because emotions like embarrassment and shame are dependent on society's reactions to someone's actions, it takes awhile for children to develop these emotions. But it seems that there are some kids out there that never receive the memo because they go through their lives doing the silliest things without caring what other people think. Maybe we should be more like these kids...


A parent online wrote, “When the door in the bathroom got stuck, our 7-year-old daughter found a way out." We obviously have a lot of questions. First, exactly how long was she locked in there that she had enough time to make that hole? Second, was she allowed to watch the movie "The Shining"?

Now that we're talking about scary movies...

What Do We Have Here?

What Do We Have Here?


Kids absolutely love Halloween. They're allowed to go out hunting for candy and wear crazy costumes. Some kids, though, take the costume part to an extreme level. We're not entirely sure if this kid watched the movie his costume is inspired by, but it's safe to say that his costume definitely doesn't fit in with the rest of the kids in his class.

How would you react if your child gave you a card like this?

Any Sticker Will Do

Any Sticker Will Do


The creativity that children have in them is limitless and it should never be constrained. So, if they use materials that are...unorthodox for their art projects, we should just let them. You never know. Maybe their work will one day be hanging in the Museum of Modern Art. And you can say that it started with sanitary pads with pride in your heart.

Ever wonder where kids come up with some of their ideas?

Bringing Everyone Back Together

Bringing Everyone Back Together


The person who shared this image on Reddit wrote, “When asked about it, my 6-year old niece told me they were trying to bring Mommy back to life." It's obvious that she was recreating a seance. Now the question stands: did she get the idea from a movie, or did she see this in real life?

Are you embarrassed by your kid when you go out in public?

Diving Deep

Diving Deep


The history of the Old Market Square in Nottingham, England goes back over 700 years. That obviously didn't matter to this kid. Maybe it was really hot out that day and he needed to cool down. Or maybe he dropped his favorite toy and it fell to the bottom so he decided to jump in to get it.

Has an ice cream cone ever scared you?

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