Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

When Her Hands Stopped Working This Designer Found An Ingenious Solution.

When Michelle Vandy landed an intern job as an architecture trainee, she worked long hours. At the same time, Michelle was doing some illustration work for a friend's book. She worked 10-15 hours a day and soon she noticed a slight tingling sensation in her fingers. Eventually, her arms began cramping and twitching and Michelle lost all strength in her fingers. She was forced to use the mouse with her left hand. Her chronic condition known as repetitive strain injury (RSI) made working too painful. She worried about her career and hobbies since they all involved the use of her arms and hands, but she was determined to find a solution.

With the help of her father, Michelle developed a device with a Manfrotto 492 table tripod, an Apple Magic Trackpad, and a tripod adapter plate. This allows her to design using her lips and nose. She's been using this method for several years now and has the same level of accuracy as she had with her hands.

Scroll down to see her video.

Here's some of Michelle's work.

Watch her design using the "nose-pad."