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The Dude On The Golden Gate Bridge, And 24 Other Incidents Of Mistaken Identity.

Have you ever felt kind of jealous of people on social media, who post photos of themselves online with celebrities they've ran into while out and about on the street? Then, suddenly, all the planets line up because you've just spotted a famous person on the streets and you're not about to miss your chance! You're so happy that you want to rush right over and take a selfie with them. But as these Reddit users have confessed, looks can be deceiving, as in, not everyone that looks like a celebrity, is a celebrity. So here are some celebrity encounters with people who weren't really celebrities at all, but regular folks who had that Hollywood face.

This dude abides as a celebrity from "American Masters" who's a real Star...Man!

Reddit user MantisTobogganMD-Phd was totally fooled by this Jeff Bridges look-a-like. Who wouldn't be? The resemblance is uncanny!

People were like "wtf is Chuck Norris doing in a Brazilian nightclub?"

Reddit user Kelvets thought he had spotted Chuck Norris. Has he ever seen one of his movies?

The moment when Dad's flight got so much better cause he thought he met Woody Harrelson.

Reddit user Dark_Nuts' dad should seriously consider getting prescription glasses... fast!

When your friend is convinced that he met the incredible singer-songwriter Paul McCartney.

Reddit user iSlick is so confident he's spotted a celeb. You almost feel bad over breaking his heart with the truth.

This gal is so convinced that she met Matt Damon... Close enough, though.

This Facebook user screamed "Matt Damon!" but should have screamed "Mark Wahlberg" instead.

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