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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

28 Clueless People Who Really Thought They Met Celebrities.

It's not every day you get to meet a celebrity. And let's face it, we all get a little star struck sometimes. How can a person not when they run into someone famous? Unfortunately, some "star struck" people jump to conclusions before actually confirming whether or not the person before their eyes are really who they think they are. In some of these situations, it's understandable if the imposter really does have a striking resemblance to the celebrity. Other situations, however, are just completely unforgivable. Check out some of the lookalike celebrities below.

#1. This guy thought he met George Lucas at the Star Wars Celebration.

It's definitely the appropriate setting to meet Mr. Lucas, but sorry this is not the man you think he is.

#2. When Tom Cruise buys food from your store in Thailand, what do you do?

Take a photo with him and post it up on your restaurant for everyone else to see (of course).

#3. When you think Tupac has been dead this whole time.

And then you walk into a barbershop and find out he's been in hiding as a barber this entire time.

#4. It's not often you get to run into a celebrity at a party.

This is not one of the rare times that someone has. Sorry dude, that is not Maggie Gyllenhaal.

#5. Nothing better than spotting Danny DeVito in a random crowd for a photo.

This isn't Danny DeVito but he might be a distant cousin of some sort.

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