By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She REFUSED The Pull The Plug On Her Husband… 2 YEARS Later He Woke Up And Said This…

The road to recovery.

"He spent 3 months in rehab and upon his release he could: talk, sing, laugh, make jokes, eat and drink on his own, use the bathroom with minimal assistance, wheel his wheelchair, walk with assistance with a walker."

He still lives with other hurdles.

"He still struggles with memory from before the accident. Our relationship, our wedding day, all of that is gone but his new short term memory is outstanding!"

A positive outlook on life.

"One conversation with Matt will change your life. He has a servant's heart and a love for people. He never complains or feels anger about his circumstance."

The million dollar smile.

"He has an uncanny ability to turn strangers into family with a smile."

Experiencing new things.

Matt will sometimes re-discover new things like wasabi. "What's this green stuff? It's really spicy!"

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