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By Huong Ngo

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25 Infuriating Photos That Will Drive Perfectionists Crazy.

Even if you're not a perfectionist, you can appreciate order or a clean design. To the brain, things that look ordered make more sense. Whenever we see an imperfection or something flawed, we hesitate or take a second look. It's not natural to us.

Have you ever seen something so off centered or terribly aligned that it actually pissed you off? Broken patterns and imperfect symmetry are the perfect recipe for driving you insane. You would think the people who get hired to align things straight and correctly would know how to do their job.

If you're ready for it, check out all the photographed imperfections we have below. Remember to keep your temper low while going through these.

#1. You're killing me here.

Did someone ask for a third of the bagel to be sliced off?

#2. This is such a disaster to the eyes.

This thing is pissing me off more than it should.

#3. Shame on whoever put the sewer circle back like this.

It's people like this that like to watch the city burn.

#4. Are you lost little yellow duckie?

Because your place is certainly not here.

Are you lost little yellow duckie?

#5. It seems like the light has lost its way.

I'd go nuts if I had to see this light at work every day.

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