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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

28 Funny Notes From People Who Deserve An OSCAR For Honesty.

I hope the art of leaving people notes never dies out. I'm happy to see that in addition to printed out notes, people still use their hands to physically write out notes as well (those are the best ones). But have you ever received a note that made you burst in laughter on the spot? Majority of the time, the note was likely to be written in complete seriousness from the other party - but failed miserably in execution. Or other times, you just can't help but laugh at how angry and passive aggressive the other party may be on a topic you barely care about.

We've collected a variation of all sorts of funny notes that you might find at home or at work on a random day. It's these kinds of notes that help brighten people's souls.

#1. I hope Dave got tipped fat.

#2. Naughty breakfast jokes.

#3. The most elaborate drawing you could confiscate from a kid.

#4. 10/10 would steal again.

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