By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

28 Hilarious Apology Notes From People Who Failed, #5 Feels Bad For Doing THAT.

Saying sorry is a difficult thing to do. Admitting we were wrong or made a mistake takes a lot of courage and maturity. To add to the anxiety to issue an apology is the fear it will not be accepted. Often times, to avoid having to say sorry in person, people will turn to an expertly crafted note. The funny thing is, in our attempt to be genuine and sincere, the written explanation themselves turn into comedy gold.

Another obvious advantage to writing an apology note is being able to avoid the initial reaction of the offended party. Perhaps the lesson to be learned is to avoid hurting people’s feelings. However, given this is virtually impossible because we are, after-all, human beings you may want to take a lesson on how to put together the perfect written apology with the 28 examples below.

#1. An apology put on ice.

#2. But the bananas looked so tasty.

#3. This will probably happen again.

#4. Note + food = perfect apology.

#5. Too much information.

#6. Honesty is the best policy.

#7. This gift may not equal the repair costs.

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