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15 Before-And-After Photos That Show How Much Famous Cities Have Changed.

How much do you think the world has changed in the last 10 years? What about the last 50? Or even better, the last 100? People, aesthetics, trends, foods, and politics have certainly changed, but so have the places where all of those things happen. Cities grow, buildings are designed and erected, and suddenly, a place doesn't even resemble what it once was.

Below are a collection of photos that drive that point home, depictions of multiple cities across the world and how they've changed over the years. Some of the older cities document their changes over a century or more, but some of the rapidly developing cities have made serious strides in just the last decade alone (we're looking at you, Dubai). These before-and-after pics will simply blow your mind, and remind you just how far this world has come. More importantly, it reminds us that a mere 50 years from today, the world could look like a completely different place.

#1. Vilnius, Lithuania

Between1900 and now, Vilnius has sacrificed some interesting buildings for some lovely parks -- but also added some serious skyscrapers in the distance.

Vilnius, Lithuania

#2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It's actually hard to believe how much change has occurred in Dubai in just 16 years -- it's a place that's growing and expanding at such a rapid rate.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

panoramio / AirPano

#3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Speaking of Dubai, look what's occurred there over the last decade alone. The rapid rate of development simply boggles the mind.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


#4. Singapore, Republic Of Singapore

Singapore basically couldn't look much different -- the amount of buildings that have gone up over the years is truly mind-blowing.

Singapore, Republic Of Singapore

Ong Wee Jin

#5. Tokyo, Japan

After World War II, much of Japan was hurting. However, they made up for these dark times with a ton of development over the last half century. It almost looks like a completely different city.

Tokyo, Japan


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