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15 Before-And-After Photos That Show How Much Famous Cities Have Changed.

#6. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is seen as one of the pillars of rapid advancement and development -- the country was basically flattened during the Korean War, and it's only taken about 60 years to turn it into the booming technological metropolis that it is today.

Seoul, South Korea


#7. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The images of Abu Dhabi went from looking bleak and intimidating to presenting as a wonderful paradise -- especially if you happen to be rich.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

theculturist / Predrag Vuckovic

#8. Shenzen, China

China is constantly changing and growing, and one city that proves it is Shenzen. These two photos look like they were taken in completely different universes, don't they?

Shenzen, China

David McLeod

#9. Sydney, Australia

Sydney looks incredibly different -- and a lot more crowded than it was before.

Sydney, Australia

The National Library of Australia

#10. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The Brazilian capital has always been beautiful, and minus the advances in photography (not to mention that iconic statue), it hasn't really changed that much.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rafael Rabello de Barros

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