By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch These Drones Censoring Naked Ballet… It’s Seriously Funny.

Drones have come a long way from their original use; from filming aerial shots of nature in inaccessible areas, taking selfies, and even being part of a light show during a music performance, this technology keeps evolving. The latest function for the remote controlled robots came in the form of censorship.

For their TV commercial, Japanese clothing retailer BUYMA used two ballet dancers performing naked. Their routine included lifts, kicks, and turns all in the buff. Drones flew with white sheets of paper strategically covering the man and woman from exposing themselves.

The cheeky campaign which aired in Japan only once, seems to want to deter people from purchasing the flying devices and instead, invest in buying clothes. This might be the coolest commercial I have seen in a long time.

Please note, in the video the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles does cover frontal nudity but not the buttocks area.

Next, friends get naked for each other.

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