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This Yogi Found A Sneaky Way Around Instagram’s Strict No-Nudity Policy.

If you want to improve your practice, there are thousands of Instagram yogis to look to for inspiration. And while they're all talented and focused, there's one thing they have that Nude Yoga Girl doesn't: Clothes.

With tens of thousands of followers, Nude Yoga Girl is quickly becoming one of yoga Instagram's hottest accounts. The former model wants to remain anonymous, but her images are causing quite a stir: Instagram has a notoriously strict nudity policy, and Nude Yoga Girl's images truly push its limits. Despite having some images flagged and deleted, Nude Yoga Girl persists: Her goal is to encourage body acceptance and self love through yoga. Check out some photos from her Instagram account below.

This pose is not perfect but I'm going to practice it and get it right one day.. ❤ Many people have asked me about how does the photographing for this account happen? ❤ On my profile page it says "Everything by me". It means that in theory I do everything by myself but practically I get a bit of help from my boyfriend. He presses the button to take the photo after I've set up everything ready. I have done photography for 3,5 years very passionately. I have a little home studio. ❤ I usually do one or two photoshoots per week. I plan the poses in advance. I browse the internet for some inspiration and some of the poses come just by trying out different ones. ❤ I set up the ligthing and the camera settings ready. After warming up I start my photoshoot session. My boyfriend is kind enough to press the button in the camera to take the pictures. I'm very grateful for his help. ❤ Some photos succeed straight away and others take several shots to get right. I want the lines of the body to be precise in the pictures. After that I choose the pictures and make them black and white on my laptop. ❤ I Photoshop the necessary things for Instagram guidelines... Shadow the most intimate parts. I plan my instagram feed overall look also so I use some time to think in what order I publish my images. ❤ Thank you very much. Your questions in my last picture are great. I will pick out another subject based on them. ❤ #yoga #yogi #nudeyogagirl #nudeyoga #yogapose #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #art #instayoga #artist #photographer #modeling #flexibility #blackandwhitephotography #arts_help #artspiration

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Yogi Kazım Gürbüz is 95 years old but he looks 50. Check him out here.

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