By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

I Didn’t Know Cats Could Do This Kind Of Thing… But I’m Not Surprised.

In the town of Bydgoszcz, Poland, lives an amazing cat named Radamenes.

Radamenes has been through struggles of his own - when he was first brought to the animal shelter where he now resides, he was ill, starving, and knocking on death's door.

Miraculously, the veterinarians were able to nurse him back to health, and when they did, Radamenes decided to pay it forward.

Radamenes now helps other animals at the shelter get through hard times.

He cuddles wounded animals, massages them, and even does his part to help clean their wounds.

The veterinary team was surprised to see how patient and tender Radamenes was to the other animals.

Radamenes is especially attentive to animals who have just been through major surgery.

His presence seems to comfort the ailing animals, and also speed up their recovery process.

The shelter has taken to calling Radamenes their mascot.

The little black cat that survived his own struggle now devotes his life to helping other animals survive theirs.

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