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By Huong Ngo

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25 Pointless Signs That Are So Unnecessary They’re Funny.

Have you ever seen a sign that stated the most obvious thing ever? A sign that's basically depicting common sense? You might think to yourself: why would anyone even decide to create such a sign in the first place? But then you think about it again and wonder if someone did something so stupid that they had to put up the sign — in hopes that nobody would repeat the same mistake.

Well for whatever reason it is, these signs are hilarious because of how really unnecessary they are. If you've never seen any of them before, you'll laugh when you see the bunch below.

#1. A recipe for disaster.

How are Frodo and Sam supposed to find their way to Mordor if all the paths are called "Path"?!

A recipe for disaster.

#2. Phew! That was a close one.

Now I know what it would look like if a hanger was inside my stomach.

#3. But the real question is, why did it end here?

What government supervisor approve such a waste of time and concrete?

#4. Because it looks totally useable.

Someone would have definitely used this if it weren't for that sign.

#5. Wow, so detailed.

Wait, what's an ingredient?

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