By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Picks Up An Ordinary Pen… What He Does With It Is FAR From Ordinary.

When you think of the ballpoint pen, you don't exactly think of fine art. Less refined than the brush and palette, and easier to use than charcoal, the ballpoint pen often gets a bad rap in the art world. However, the technique that some artists produce with a ballpoint pen is simply out of this world, like this artist named Ray Cicin.

Ray has been collecting discarded ballpoint pens ever since he observed how many people speak negatively about them, and he recently put them all to an amazing use. You can see his incredible work below.

Cicin's work is a mammoth octopus, which he primarily works on while standing.

The entire thing was created with scrawls on the ballpoint pen.

From far away, the drawing is totally overwhelming and impressive.

And up close, the level of detail he was able to achieve is nothing short of masterful.

The piece was inspired by German naturalist Ernst Haeck's iconic illustrations of squid and octopi, and is part of a series by Cicin called "Deep Blue."

Bet you never thought you could do this with a Bic.

Source: This Is Colossal