By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Octopus Stole The Camera And Did Something The Photographer Didn’t Expect.

Octopi are known for being incredibly intelligent, intuitive, and able to imitate their surroundings. The octopus in filmmaker Benjamin Savard's studio definitely fits the mold.

Savard is currently working on a science-related film project at Middlebury College in Vermont. On this day, he attempted to take some photos of an on-campus octopus. When he put his camera down, the octopus instinctively snatched it, put it into position, and took some epic shots.

Now, the octopus didn't use his tentacle like a finger -that would be just too much. The camera was set to automatically take several shots per second, so the resulting octo-snap made a perfect GIF, one that Savard put onto the Internet immediately. We're certainly glad that he did.

Here's an Octopus That Does Is IMPOSSIBLE… This Has To Be Seen To Be Believed.