What This Octopus Does Is IMPOSSIBLE… This Has To Be Seen To Be Believed.

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With nearly the entire animal kingdom well-documented and easily at our fingertips (thanks, Internet!) it's hard to be surprised anymore. You've probably seen animals do all kinds of crazy things on film: Remember the ostrich mating dance?

Still, if there's one thing that will still surprise you, it's this video.

Octopi are incredible escape artists, and that doesn't just mean that they are good at camouflaging themselves and escaping predators. Because they have no bones, octopi can also squeeze themselves into small spaces (and I mean insanely small). For example: A large octopus could easily fit through a space the size of a quarter! They also change color according to their mood: The red color of the octopus in the video means that this guys is super angry. And wouldn't you be, if you were stuck on this boat with a bunch of people staring at you?

The guys filming on this boat can't believe what they're seeing, and you won't either. Check out this Octo-Houdini do his thing: By the end, you'll definitely be cheering for him!

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