By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

10 Creative Ways You Can Turn Your Old Junk Into Something Awesome.

The fundamental idea behind DIY projects is that they're simple enough to do by yourself, even if you don't have amazing crafting or building skills. But sometimes, DIY projects still require purchasing tons of materials - what about all of the stuff you already have at home?

Here, we've put together a few ideas for DIY projects you can do with things you may already have laying around your house. If you've just come back from the beach, you're going to love upgrading your home with #9.

#1. Use spray painted PVC pipes to make a vertical hanging succulent garden. This would even work inside an apartment.

#2. Turn a few mason jars into these awesome hanging solar lights.

#3. Transform an old garden hose into an interesting textural doormat.

#4. Turn a wooden magazine holder into a shelf for even more storage.

#5. Turn your fence into a tin can garden - How cute would this look running up along your driveaway?

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