By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Put Vegetables In A Donut Box And Filmed His Co-Worker’s Disappointment.

Working in an office setting can be a lot of fun; you get to meet people, build camaraderie, and even develop lifelong friendships. But the coolest perk of office settings is when a co-worker brings in treats like donuts to share with everyone.

Ryan Massfeller decided to play an April Fool’s Day joke on his innocent co-workers. The IT guy bought one box of donuts and asked for a spare in the drive-thru. The empty box was filled with vegetable tray, an April’s Fool sign, and a camera to capture the employees’ reactions.

For better or for worse, some of the responses may remind you of some of the people you work with. I think we have all been employed with personnel like the ones at 1:21. We think Ryan still owes the office a real box of donuts to make up for the empty promises.

Source: Ryan Massfeller