By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Made The Most Amazing Office Mural EVER… You’ll Never Guess How He Did It.

What do you get when you combine a boring workspace, employees with time on their hands, and an abundance of Post-Its?

If you work with Ben Brucker, you get an awesome new office that is fit for 9-5 legends.

Brucker was uninspired by the boring walls of the creative agency where he works. The company would be moving locations soon, so Brucker had to figure out a way to create something that was both awesome to look at and non-permanent. After getting permission from his boss and a $300 budget, Brucker set to work on coming up with a plan that consisted of a few superheroes and over 8,000 Post-Its.

Brucker posted the process and the finished product on Reddit. Check out the photos below - you're going to wish someone at your office was this ambitious.

Watch the video.

Source: Ben Brucker