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Couples Were Asked ‘How Often You Have Sex’? Their Answers Were Revealing.

It's true. Happy couples do have more sex. But that doesn't mean that having more sex leads to happiness, confirms Carnegie Mellon researchers. In most cases, you have to be happy in the first place.

The study was published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization and surveyed 128 healthy individuals ages 35-65 in male-female marriages. Couples were divided into two different groups; the first group didn't have to change anything for the study but the second group was asked to double their frequency of sex.

Just like many studies, this one was flawed. The second group reported lower sexual desire and a decrease in sexual enjoyment, not necessarily because they didn't want to have more sex but because they were instructed to have more of it.

If couples want to improve their sex life, Tamar Krishnamurti, one of the study's designers, suggests that they should focus on "creating an environment that sparks their desire and makes the sex that they do have even more fun." This should prove more effective than focusing on increasing sexual frequency alone.

Curious about how frequently other couples have sex? Here are some answers from married people on AskReddit.

Life doesn't have to slow down in your 60s.

"Been married 18 years, no kids I’m 49, he’s 63–about once a week."

Life doesn't have to slow down in your 60s.

Elayne Lodge

This couple is nine years strong.

"Married five years. Lived together four before that. Have sex once a week."

This couple is nine years strong.


The truth hurts. At least you're good for something ...

"Whenever she’s ovulating. nothing more, nothing less."

The truth hurts. At least you're good for something ...


Here's the detailed breakdown you've been looking for.

"Married 18 years. Now divorced. No kids.

"Year 1 —- 10-20 times a week.

"Year 2 – 3 —- 10 times a month.

"Years 3 – 5 —- 5 times a month.

"Years 5 – 10 —- 2 times a month.

"Years 10 – 15 —- 1 time every month or so.

"Years 15 – 18 —- Pity sex twice a year.

"I left her because I got tired of her general selfishness in and out of the bedroom. I wanted her every day until the last day."

This boy's got her walking side to side. How do they do it?!

"Married 4 years, 12 times a week. Still groin strong!"

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