By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Owl Wearing A Hat Will Overpower Your Emotions And MAKE You Smile.

Just when your thought that your pet had the title of World's Coolest Pet on lockdown, Nishiame the Owl and his friends come along and blow Spot and Boots out of the water. We're not sure what circumstances led to Japanese Vine user あーや, pronounced Oh-Ya, to possess these owls, but he clearly has more than one, they obviously love accessorizing, and they are, without a doubt, the best. pets. ever. Check out the Vines below, because reading about them doesn't really do them justice. In other words: Less talking, more owl.

This guy was startled to find that there was an entire world existing outside of the realm of his furry hat.

Suspicious and hesitant at first, this guy decides it's finally safe to travel to the Land of Hand.

This gorgeous creature knows that he looks better than literally everyone else in the room.

Making a concerted effort to get his beach body on point, this owl has decided to start eating clean.

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