By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Little Church Sat Forgotten… Until One Artist Made It A Viral Sensation.

What was once an abandoned church in Morocco is now an incredible celebration of color and abstract art, and it's all thanks to an artist named Okuda San Miguel.

Hot off of his latest project in Spain (where he painted an incredible mural on an old-church-turned-skate-park), San Miguel set his sites on this Moroccan spot. The work consists of 11 "mirages to freedom," images that wrap around the entirety of the building to create one large, impressive picture.

If you think your eyes can handle this level of vibrant color, check out the images below.

The church is located in Youssoufia, Morocco.

The images around the building are 11 "mirages," which form one larger picture as you make your way around the building.

Each of the paintings interacts with the surfaces and textures of the building as well.

Things like bars on the window become heads for San Miguel's figures.

And the slanted ceilings become a perfect canvas for a bird's wings.

San Miguel encourages visitors to see the building at different times of day, to see how natural light interacts with the colors.

The entire place fits in with the artists' signature aesthetic.

How cool would it be to see this place in person?