By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

15 Newborn Babies Who Are Totally Done With The Whole ‘Monday’ Thing.

Everyone loves a sweet, cherubic, angel-baby -the pudgy, rosy cheeks, the tiny fingers, the round bellies, and the bright eyes that are getting their first glimpses of the world. Many babies are so drippingly sweet that it takes all of your energy to refrain from unhinging your jaw and swallowing them whole.

Then, there's the more unconventional tots. These are the wizened, pruny, mean-mugging infants of the world, who are so wrinkly and suspicious that you just can't help but love them (even if it's because they remind you of your grandpa). Below are 15 of the most geriatric-looking newborns that you ever did see: Isn't #9 magnificent?

#1. Ready to get crazy at the soda fountain.

#2. Not trusting you, not even for a minute.

#3. Senior citizen side-eye.

#4. Creamed corn, again? Not too shabby.

#5. I haven't slept in three days, which is crazy because I've only been alive for four.

#6. Look, this feels undignified.

#7. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy both your formative and golden years.

#8. Experimenting with this confounded selfie stick.

#9. What do you mean this coupon has 'expired'?

#10. Today has not been the best.

#11. How can she be so happy when my diaper is so full?

#12. Contemplating the fact that he's done virtually nothing in life.

#13. Stay. Off. My. Lawn.

#14. "If I look down at my nose, everyone will think I'm falling asleep."

#15. "I'm an honest guy, so I'm just going to give it to you straight."