By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

In Iceland The Last EVER Cheeseburger Is An Exhibit… And It’s Got Everyone Baffled.

Maybe you've attempted to swear off fast food at some point in your livess. By now, consumers are well-aware of its unhealthy qualities - and yet, McDonald's remains one of the most popular fast food franchises in the world. However, did you ever stop to think what's actually in the food you're consuming?

In Iceland, the last McDonald's hamburger was sold in 2009, and kept as a memento in the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik. The video below shows this burger over five years later.

Notice anything peculiar about it? That's right: No mold, no fuzz, and no discoloration.

Given that the food in your fridge likely goes bad within a week, it's hard to imagine what chemicals or ingredients could keep this burger and fries looking so fresh.

After seeing this perfectly preserved specimen, maybe you'll think twice after driving up to that fast food window.

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