By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Found An Old Cooler, The Way She Transformed It… I Can’t Wait To Try.

If you live in a house, you've probably got a garage. If you've got a garage, you've likely got a lot of random things stored in that garage. And, if you've got a lot of random things stored in your garage, one of those things is probably a dusty old cooler. It's just one of those items that everyone seems to acquire.

However, not everyone takes that old cooler and turns it into something as amazing as this woman, who transformed the garage shelf staple into something truly spectacular. See how she did it below.

After years of use, this is what her beaten-up cooler looked like.

Her budget for this project was a mere $30 – for materials like scrap wood, nails, screws and pipe coupling. With the help of a couple of friends, she got to work.

She measured the frame around the cooler, then made the legs 30 inches tall so it was counter height.

She made sure the cooler fit the frame snugly. You’ll see why soon.

She made sure the cooler fit the frame snugly. You’ll see why soon.

To hide the 2x2s, she let the siding overhang the frame.

Next step: side slats. Brooke started with the center board and left a hole for something awesome.

She also added a trim for extra aesthetic appeal. Because it’s all about the small details.

Then, it was time to remove the original cooler’s lid and replace it with a custom-made version…

…that still uses the original.

That aforementioned hole on the sides? It was for a spigot. There’s also a bottle opener!

The finished product!

It only took $30 to build something unique and eye-catching that’ll be a backyard staple for many summers to come!

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