By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Boy Noticed Something Odd In The Lake… NOBODY Expected It To Be This.

All the way back in 1944 a young boy noticed something peculiar when walking alongside Lake Kurtna Matasjary in Estonia. He saw what he thought were tank tracks leading into the lake, but mysteriously, none coming out. For the following two months, he also noticed air bubbles coming up from the lake every day as if something was slowly sinking. He was curious, but didn't have the resources to investigate...until now.

In 2010, the boy (now a grown man) told his story to the leader of a local Estonian war history club, "Osting." Together, they initiated an expedition to recover whatever it was the boy saw all of those years ago. What they found is absolutely mind-blowing.

This is the path that led to the lake where the boy spotted the tracks.

An entire team assembled to figure out what was at the lake's bottom.

Whatever it was, it was incredibly large and heavy, and also submerged to a depth of about seven meters.

Naturally, they had to call in some reinforcements to pull the mystery object from the water.

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