By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Wanted 20,001 Bottle Caps. When You See Why Your Heart Will Swell With Pride.

To celebrate the holiday last weekend, John T. Unger set out to make something that screamed "AMERICA." Well, it doesn't get much more American than this: A 10x16 American flag created from nailing over 20,000 Budweiser caps.

"What I loved about the project," Unger wrote, "Was how iconic it was – you can’t get more American than Bud caps. Bottle caps have long had a place in the folk art tradition as a decorative element. I love that the artwork traveled from coast-to-coast. Whatever your idea of America is, I think this piece speaks to that. This goes beyond Made In America: it’s a sculpture Made of Americana."

Check out this amazing piece of patriotic art below.

Unger called the project "Old Glory." Here he is, standing in front of the finished product.

Here's the mosaic on the way to being complete.

Looking at these photos, it's clear that this project didn't happen in an hour.

The different variety of Budweiser caps made it easy to recreate the red, white, and blue.

We're partial to the blue, starry portion of the flag.

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