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Unwanted Horse At ‘Kill Lot’ Gets Showered With Gifts After An Awesome Rescue.

The organization made a wish list on their Amazon account to help Bubbles.

They have received letters, donations, and love for Bubbles from people all over the globe.

"We rarely get this many donations at once ... Some of the envelopes were addressed to him. How cute is that?" Missy Smith, one of BHHR's volunteers, told The Dodo.

The organization set up a Facebook page for the beautiful horse titled appropriately, Bubbles The Rescue Horse.

BHHR hopes to rescue more senior horses like Bubbles.

"Bubbles really is as sweet and smart as we say he is," Smith says of the overnight celebrity. "He's a gentle wise old soul."

If you'd like to help Bubbles click here. You can also follow Bubbles on Facebook.

Source: theDodo

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