By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

If You Had An iPhone In 1800’s New York… This Is The Footage You’d Have Posted To YouTube.

In what is possibly one of the most charmingly nerdy internet arguments in history lies this controversy: Is this footage the "oldest known footage of New York City?"

Here's how the controversy started: This video was posted on Reddit and began making the rounds, widely accepted as the oldest footage ever found of NYC. Even the NY Post picked it up, posting the footage, along with the headline, as if both were fact. However, some media outlets remained unconvinced, and the New York Historical Society was quoted as saying that the the idea of this footage being the "oldest ever" sounds "fishy."

Reporters, archivists, and historians across the Internet are now working to figure out if this footage is even dated properly, and if so, if that makes it the oldest footage of NYC out there. For now, the only facts we know for sure is that this footage was taken sometime between 1896-1908 - whether or not that makes it the oldest is still up for debate. We also know that even though this footage might not be the oldest, it's certainly quite lovely.

All caught up? Want to make a decision for yourself? Check out the video below.

What do you think? Oldest or just old-ish? Cast your vote before the Internet decides for you.

Source: Yestervid