By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Make Up Artist Transformed A Young Woman Into An Old Punk.

When women go to a makeup artist, they are usually looking for tips to enhance their natural beauty. Except, when the guru is Neil Gorton, a makeup and special effects artist, who was showcasing his exceptional work at the Makeup Artists Trade Show in London, England.

Gorton used young and beautiful Kelsey-Leigh Walker as his model. He transformed Walker into an old, male punk. This was in celebration of punk’s subculture 40th anniversary. Walker sat patiently as a team of professionals used latex, paints, and glues to age her and make her into a man.

The only way Walker arose suspicion that she was dressed up was her voice. Take a look at this amazing step-by-step transformation. You’ll never look at a punk the same way.

Kelsey-Leigh Walker at the beginning of the transformation. Her head was covered to appear partly bald. Notice how big the ears are.

Her whole face is enwrapped in a prosthetic and held in place with self-adhesives.

The nose and chin were made wider, taking a more masculine look. On the left bottom lip, a tiny ring was added.

Gorton applied the ears because he was concerned Walker's would be too small and also because she had too many piercings to have to workaround.

Age spots, wrinkles, and discolorations were meticulously applied using a body art palette.

Gorton works in film, television, theatre and commercials. He has lent his talent in movies like The Hobbit, Ex Machina, and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, among others.

The red mohawk is actually a wig specially made for the event.

Gorton feels special effects makeup is fine art. For example making a nose or ear requires sculpting expertise.

Gorton runs his own school, the Neill Gorton Prosthetics Studio. To start in this business, Gorton suggests people start practicing their craft on everyone. "Do as much of it as possible. Get a little kit together and just practise. Make up friends, make up anybody. The more you do, the better you become," explains Gorton.

You would have never guessed that underneath all that makeup and latex is a beautiful, young woman.

Source: Reddit