By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Stylish Older Couples Who Proved Aging Is Just A Myth.

It's often said that after many years together it is inevitable for couples to begin to look alike. You live with that person and it's only natural for some mannerisms and quirks to be adopted by each other.

With time, lovebirds also tend to adopt similar taste in music, cuisine, and even fashion sense. We have found older couples who not only dress to compliment one another but do it with impeccable taste. If you want some inspiration you just need to check out their cool and refreshing social media accounts.

Bon and Pon have been married for 37 years.

That is more than enough time for this Japanese couple to have a wardrobe that matches.

Their Instagram account bonpon511 has over 490,000 followers waiting to see their latest fashion pic.

The social media Instagram bio is appropriately described as "couple | over60 | grayhair | fashion | coordinate."

Günther and Britt Krabbenhöft are considered, "Berlin's hipsters."

This power couple's fashion sense has landed them various modelling contract.

Not only do they dress to compliment each other, they love to spend their nights in Germany's top nightclubs.

Günther's motto is simple "Live wild and dangerous."

Nazare and Eduardo Pinel from Portugal are not your typical elderly couple.

Nazare for one owns a tattoo parlour in Sintra. The couple loves the rock and roll life while donning vintage fashion.

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