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You Can Sleep In This 900 Year-Old Tower And Channel Your Inner Rapunzel.

Napoleon confiscated the tower in 1796.

For years the Prendiparte tower exchanged hands. It was used as a warehouse, renting out its rooms and floors, until it was finally restored to its natural, elegant beauty by Giovanardi.

Guests can enjoy a nice dinner, serenade, and sit in front of an ancient fireplace.

"You touch the wall and think of the laborer who, perched on a wood scaffolding, lay those bricks in the Middle Ages," says Giovanardi about the tower.

The stories and life this 900-year-old tower may never be fully known.

Despite Bologna being a busy and joyful city, once guests enter the tower they are invited to a complete serene and quiet experience. It's like walking into a dimension into the past.

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Source: Messy Nessy Chic

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