When Your Being Watched By Millions And There's A Bee In Your Bouquet.

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It's no secret that the gold medal for being completely and utterly adorable should go to Simone Biles, the gymnastics sensation that's been killing it at the Rio Olympics. She can jump higher, flip better, and land with more ease than most of her competitors -- and she also just so happens to have a winning smile and a bubbly personality to boot.

It turns out that for Biles, being a ray of sunshine isn't a new thing. Back in 2014, she was competing in the World Championships against gymnasts like Larisa Andreea Iordache and Kyla Ross. Naturally, Biles won gold -- but when she took the podium with her bouquet, she realized that there was a bee inside the flowers.

Her reaction will definitely make you smile, and afterwards, she was interviewed about the incident. Her response was four words that basically summed up how we all feel: "I don't do bugs." Check out the cute video below.

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