By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Powerful Comic Makes Privilege Easy To Understand… OUCH At The Punchline.

Growing up, my mother worked odd jobs to support me and my brothers as a single parent. For as long I can remember -- even after receiving my undergraduate degree -- I have also worked multiple jobs. At seventeen, I needed the money to pay for club fees and participate in school events. I didn't want to be burdensome by asking when I knew we had bills to pay. In college, despite earning scholarships and grants, I needed to find a way to pay for overpriced rent in Berkeley. I continued working.

As a queer Asian American woman growing up in a minority neighborhood in San Diego, I have come to accept that I must work doubly hard for the same opportunities handed to some on a silver platter. Even still, consider myself relatively privileged.

When I was first introduced to The Pencilword's "On a Plate", a comic based on the concept of privilege, I saw myself in it. I've been in a few similar situations, serving coffee to a young man who had asked for help in a writing course years earlier, for example. Despite its oversimplified nature -- such is necessary for this form of artwork -- Toby Morris's comic strip poignantly reflects the harsh realities of success.

Toby Morris is an Auckland-based illustrator, art director, and comic artist. Morris recently released a graphic novel titled "Don't Puke On Your Dad" where he reflects on his experiences as a new father.

Source: Toby Morris

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