By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Photographer Left The Fashion Industry To Take Images Of People With Genetic Conditions.

Rick Guidotti was at the height of his career as a photographer. Guidotti travelled to Milan, Paris and New York to photograph what he was told were the most beautiful people in the world. One day he spotted a gorgeous woman in Manhattan. Her look was not the standard of what he was use to working with. The girl had the genetic condition of albinism.

Guidotti says, “in fashion I was always frustrated because I was told who I had to photograph. I was always told who was beautiful.”

Guidotti said goodbye to the world of fashion. He turned his lens to people with genetic or physical differences. Guidotti started the not-for-profit organization Positive Exposure. He is hoping the images will humanize his models and also show their beauty. His work is receiving even more attention with the film, On Beauty.

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