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This Is Your Face On Different Drugs. Ketamine Looks Awful.

Public service announcements have given us plenty of visual representations of drug use - remember the "This Is Your Brain On Drugs" campaigns? However, those ads were meant to alert us to the effects of drug use by using actors to represent the idea of being high - not the reality.

These photos are different. In this series of images, the photographer captures people who are actually on drugs - and uses their words to describe what it feels like.

Les Baker V gave each of his subjects a different substance, allowed the drug to take effect, and then snapped images of them during the peak of their highs. He then overlaid an image on their faces, to indicate what drug they were on. The results of his project are trippy, compelling, and a reminder of just how powerful some drugs can be. We feel sorry for the subject who took ketamine - his experience was totally terrifying.


Rivaled only by alcohol, marijuana is the most widely used recreational substance. In recent years, marijuana has gained a lot of respect for its legitimate medical purposes. It is rapidly losing its sense of taboo and becoming more easily, legally, and readily available than ever before with Colorado and Washington’s legalization of the substance. The American public will soon find out if taxing and controlling this substance will be beneficial to the US economy. Twinkies made their comeback just in time.


Millions of people rely on their morning cup of coffee to get ready for their day. Caffeine acts as a stimulant and can fight off drowsiness and make a user more alert. Legal and unregulated, caffeine is the worlds most widely used psychoactive substance. In the United States 90% of adults consume caffeine daily.


While this is probably one of the most common substances used, I felt it important to include it in the series. This man spent the night out at a couple bars consuming only beer.


Tobacco was critical in the development of the southern colonies in early America until cotton replaced it. In small doses it can act as a stimulant, it has also been reported to act as a relaxant. Nicotine is historically known as one of the hardest addictions to break. Over a billion people world wide use nicotine in one form or another.

Hard Liquor

It is likely that most people have shared this experience. A night out taking shot after shot, only to chase it with another and perhaps a couple mixed drinks. We all know that it quickly leads to blurred or double vision.


During the last 5-7 years, adderall has become increasingly popular among college students. Its side effects include a heightened sense of motivation, focus, and concentration. Presumably, this is the perfect mind set which allows users to “pull all-nighters”, read hundreds of pages at a time, and write in depth, lengthy papers. What many do not realize is how widely this drug is also used among medical professionals.


This encounter involved a young woman taking two hits of LSD. I spent the day with her as she “tripped” out in a local park. She noted intricate visuals and brightened colors, and a general heightened sense of her surroundings.

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