By Sheyla

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13 Famous Celebrities Tell The Truth About Money, Fame And Happiness.

When we think of success and happiness, images of a large house, an expensive car, and exotic vacations, generally come to mind. Celebrities for example, are showered in adulation, money, and all the things we as a society have come to define what being happy means.

And A-Listers like Lady Gaga, Cameron Diaz, and Russell Brand have all enjoyed the riches that came with their careers. Surprisingly, the frivolous lifestyle left them in a state of loneliness and depression. Many feeling less understood than before.

The group Think For Yourself has put together clips of celebrities speaking on what fame and materialism meant to them. Their answers about finding true joy is profound. Real bliss does not come from the external world but rather from our inner selves. Watch what Lady Gaga did to find herself again at 4:07.

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Source: Think For Yourself

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