By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Celebrate Alan Rickman (And Help Children) By Watching This Tortoise…

About a month before his passing at the age of 69, British actor and director Alan Rickman offered his singular voice to a OneClickGiving video to help raise money for refugees.

OneClickGiving was started by a group of Oxford University students seeking to make a big difference in small ways, particularly the Refugee Crisis. With the rise of YouTube stardom, aspiring talents, hackers, and organizations, among others, can generate ad revenue for profit. This group creates videos and donates 100% of the money earned to Save the Children and Refugee Council.

If you love at least one of the following -- Alan Rickman, strawberries, tortoises, or making a difference -- then watch this video. They're asking for 30 seconds of your time, and another two to pass it on.

Visit Save the Children and Refugee Council for more information.

Source: OneClickGiving