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28 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Care What You Think Of Their Onesies.

Onesies have come a long way. What used to be the tiny bodysuits worn by babies has evolved into one worn by what seems to be everyone. Initially, people thought their friends had gone crazy when full grown adults began wearing the one piece suit. Now the fashion is transcending species. Animals as small and cuddly as rabbits, cats, and canines are wearing the sleepwear.

Not to be outdone, horses, kangaroos, and sheep are also donning the onesies. Not sure how easy it is to put these clothing contraptions on horses, at least they look warm and cozy. The one thing the humans have to ask themselves before making their furry friends wear them is, how will the other animals treat them? Will they be the envy of their breed or the laughing stock?

#1. A Shar Pei in a tiger onesie.

A Shar Pei in a tiger onesie.


#2. Yes, that's a rabbit wearing a onesie.

#3. Adorable pygmy goats wear them too.

Adorable pygmy goats wear them too.

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#4. This kitty loves his onesie.

#5. This sloth is taking it easy in his most comfortable sleeping attire.

#6. This dog wants you to adore his PJs.

#7. These pups are snug as a bug in their matching onesies.

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