By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Japanese Food Art Looks Impossible To Make, But There’s Actually A Secret Cheat…

Onigiri are Japanese rice snacks that are traditionally filled with salty or sour ingredients, then wrapped in seaweed. Because of the rice's ability to be easily molded, and the fact that seaweed can be cut and trimmed in very particular ways, a popular trend has been to create onigiri into cute, fun shapes.

Now, making this kind of delicious Japanese snack has gotten even easier, thanks to this handy kit that makes crafting the food as easy as possible. Want to learn how? Check out the step-by-step process below.

Onigiri are almost too cute to eat, but then again, they're also delicious.

This is the kit that helps you make them.

The cutting tools work the same way as a hole punch: Just press them against the seaweed to easily cut it into shapes.

The molding tool helps you press the rice into the perfect shape. This shape is called the "nyan," which is Japanese slang for "cat."

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