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25 Reasons Why Onions Are Basically A Household Miracle.

Onions can be found in just about every household kitchen. You may not enjoy cutting this vegetable as it releases enzymes and gas-prone compounds that make you cry like you are watching an emotional scene from a soap opera.

These pesky and eye watering compounds are what gives onions the flavour that enhances salads, soups, and just about any dish it is added to. These bulbs, however, have more uses than expected from health benefits to the perfect grill cleaner. After reading these tips you'll end up adding more onions in your cart.

#1. Don't throw out your burned rice.

Place half of the onion on top of the rice. The bulb will absorb the burnt smell, saving tonight's dinner in the process.

Don't throw out your burned rice.

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#2. Polish your silverware.

Slice and crush onions followed by placing them in water. Dip a cloth in the mix and use that to remove all the grime and dirt off the metal.

Polish your silverware.

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#3. Stop feeling dizzy.

Grab a piece of cut onion and place it directly under the nose of someone who is feeling dizzy.

Stop feeling dizzy.

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#4. Cure your insomnia once and for all.

Onions on their own may not produce the best smell out there, but cutting one in half and breathing in the smell has been known to help folks fall asleep easier. You can also place a cut onion in an open jar and place it close to your bed.

Cure your insomnia once and for all.

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