By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

‘Opal Hair’ Is The Latest Fashion Trend And It’s Causing A HUGE Stir On Instagram.

If you're looking to transform your locks into something that's soft, feminine, and multi-colored, look no further: The opal hair trend is here, and it's perfect for you.

The look is created by bleaching out hair into a soft white hue, then adding some flashes of soft rainbow colors into the mix. It's meant to give off that mother of pearl sheen, and it's actually quite beautiful. There's no telling how much time or money it might take to achieve this new look, but after seeing the photos below, it might not matter. These tresses are truly magical.

opal hair!!!!!! #opalhair #opal #hair omg!!! how fun would this be!!!!!!!!

A photo posted by Rachelle Pledger (@rbdhair) on

Pastel tips on silvery white hair #rainbowhair #pastelhair #pastelrainbow #opalhair

A photo posted by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on

"Aes" collection for Arrojo underground. Opal inspired color by me on the beautifully perfect @alexzlove

A photo posted by Francesca DeStefano (@frenchiedoesmyhair) on

Fading rainbow colors #rainbowhair #opalhair #pastelhair

A photo posted by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on

#bleachlondon #washedoutmermaid #violetskies #opalhair 💁

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